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Freelance Video Production is not the only service that I offer...

In high school, when I wasn't making videos for the morning announcements or short films for local film festivals, I was pushing for an extracurricular activity that taught students how to survive a possible zombie apocalypse.  Eventually, I was given the chance to make it a reality in the form of an annual Halloween-themed seminar at Knupper Nursery & Landscape from 2014 to 2016.

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The Zombie Awareness Program (ZAP) is a highly-interactive educational seminar with an immersive environment that transports audience members to the end of the world.  Not only does this rare type of lighthearted training teach people about zombies: the history behind the myth and the different depictions throughout pop culture, but also real-world survival tips and life hacks that could very well help anyone in any extreme situation of survival.

(For more details refer to this article from The Chicago Tribune.)

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